Reaching Out, Renewing Each Life One At A Time


STREAMING OCTOBER  24TH , 2020  @   11:00AM


Renewal Christian Center (RCC) is a mission church. We are committed to
  1. ·         Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the lost at home and among the nations (Rom. 1:14-16; 1 Thess. 1:8; Acts. 1:8).
  2. ·         Creating an environment where Renewal meets the felt needs of its members and the community. (Gal. 6:10; Luke 10:29-37).
  3. ·         Seeing lives changed for Jesus through visible, practical application of the Word in their daily lives.  
We are committed to reaching our neighbors and the world for Christ through effective, impactful missions work that shares the gospel, message, minister to those in need and make and reproduces disciples for the Kingdom of God. We are committed to reaching out and renewing lives for the Kingdom of God. Our congregation is actively involved in making disciples locally, nationally and internationally. During our short-term mission trips, we share God's Word and minister to His people in addition to being actively engaged in humanitarian relief.

we love our    cities.

We are passionate about serving our community and sharing the love of Jesus .
Renewal   Christian Center   partners with    local organizations to live out the great
commission given to us by our Savior.

Get involved today! There is no better way to love our city than to serve our neighbours, friends and community.

Meet our Leader

Reverend    Sarah   Hearn

Missions Director

Let's work together.

Together We Will bring the Change Jesus Commissioned