What Temple Can We Build For God?

Solomon gave orders to build a temple for the Name of the LORD . . .
"Now I am about to build a temple for the Name of the LORD my God and to dedicate it to Him for burning fragrant incense before Him, for setting out the consecrated bread regularly, and for making burnt offerings every morning and evening and on the Sabbaths, at the new moons and at the appointed festivals of the LORD our God. This is a lasting ordinance for Israel.
"The temple I am going to build will be great, because our God is greater than all other gods. But who is able to build a temple for Him, since the heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain Him? Who then am I to build a temple for Him, except as a place to burn sacrifices for Him?   2 Chronicles 2:1-6

Solomon was about to build a most magnificent temple for the Living God. Lots of gold, silver, bronze, stones and logs were being assembled for the project. The project was so massive that 70,000 men, along with 80,000 stone cutters and 3,600 foremen were assembled.

In the course of arranging for logs from a foreign king to be sent to Israel for the project, Solomon was suddenly hit with the reality of what he was about to do in light of who God really is. The reality that dawned on him was: "But who is able to build a temple for Him, since the heavens, even the highest heavens cannot contain Him?"

I think that question must have touched the heart of God because it really showed that Solomon understood what he was about to do. Solomon understood that the temple, as opulent and magnificent as it was going to be, was a most inadequate place of worship for the Almighty God who sits enthroned on the circle of the earth and for whom the entire earth is nothing but a mere footstool! Solomon was putting the temple in perspective vis-a-vis the enormity of the Creator God. Even the highest heavens cannot contain God!

The truth is: All the human edifices we construct as places of worship can never contain God; no matter how huge or magnificent they may be. There is only one temple that can contain the Almighty God. That temple is the heart of a true believer. Jesus made it clear with this statement in John 14:23; "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them." 

Solomon's huge and costly temple could not contain God; neither can the highest heavens. But the heart of a true and obedient Believer can contain both the Father and the Son! So what temple can we build to contain God? We can build our hearts as places of obedience for the Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ to live in. God delights in that more than multi-million dollar edifices that bring no pleasure to Him because His presence is not honored in those huge and costly structures. Let's focus on building hearts for God, as we strive to build structures of worship for Him.
Prayer: Lord, take my heart and make it your throne. Amen.