It Never Pays To Be Wicked

The wicked writhe in pain throughout their lives.
Years of trouble are stored up for the ruthless.
The sound of terror rings in their ears, and even on good days they fear the attack of the destroyer. . . They know their day of destruction is near.
That dark day terrifies them.
They live in distress and anguish. . . 
For they shake their fists at God, defying the Almighty. . . 
These wicked people are heavy and prosperous; their waists bulge with fat.
But their cities will be ruined.
They will live in abandoned houses that are ready to tumble down.
Their riches will not last, and their wealth will not endure. . . 
They will not escape the darkness.
The burning sun will wither their shoots, and the breath of God will destroy them. 
Let them no longer fool themselves by trusting in empty riches, for emptiness will be their only reward. . . 
Their homes, enriched through bribery, will burn.  Job 15:20-34

Wickedness seems to be abounding exponentially in society. All over the world, corrupt and wicked acts seem to be festering without limitation. People act wickedly in defiance of the moral rules of God. Defying God is tantamount to shaking our fists at God because we question whether He has any power to bring us to justice. But the truth is that the wicked still have a leash on them. They cannot strut arrogantly forever. There is a day of reckoning and the wicked know this at the core of their being. So, "the sound of terror rings in their ears. . . they know their day of destruction is near."

It is amazing to see how wicked people get away with detestable acts for so long only for them to meet a crashing end. Sometimes, some powerful, wealthy people act with no regard for the laws of the land or the people they hurt along the way. Somehow, after getting away with it for years, their cups get full and justice finally catches up with them. Their end is usually full of shame and disgrace. Their money, power, and fame are unable to save them. Sometimes, they end up dejected and forgotten behind bars -- emptiness becomes their reward.
Sometimes, some not so powerful or rich individuals, shake their fists at God and act wickedly against innocent people for so long. The end result can be shame and emptiness. It never pays to be wicked!

No one is immune from acting wickedly because the Bible attests that: "The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? (Jeremiah 17:9). May God protect us from the human heart bent toward wickedness. May the fear of God grip our hearts and purify us from all forms of wickedness.

Prayer: Lord, I confess that there are times when I feel a bent toward wickedness. Please help me to bridle myself at all times so that I will not give in to any temptation to act wickedly. Amen.