You and I are Very Frail

"How frail is humanity!
How short is life, how full of trouble!
We blossom like a flower and then wither.
Like a passing shadow, we quickly disappear.
Must you keep an eye on such a frail creature and demand an accounting from me?
Who can bring purity out of an impure person? No one!
You have decided the length of our lives.
You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer.
So leave us alone and let us rest!
We are like hired hands, so let us finish our work in peace.
Even a tree has more hope!
If it is cut down, it will sprout again and grow new branches.
Though its roots have grown old in the earth and its stump decays, 
At the scent of water it will bud and sprout again like a new seedling.
But when people die, their strength is gone.
They breathe their last, and then where are they?. . . 
People are laid to rest and do not rise again.
Until the heavens are no more, they will not wake up nor be roused from their sleep.
Job 14:1-12

One of the things that happen when we experience trials and challenges is that our thinking becomes profound. Somehow, we search deeper for the meaning of life. We no longer take life for granted. We learn to distinguish the important from the not so important. Frivolous things seem to lose their appeal. We become more conscious of the brevity of life. That is where we find Job in this passage. Job is struck by the frailty of humanity. Job reminds us, rather uncomfortably, that life is full of trouble!

A few lessons are worth noting:
First: Life is short and full of trouble. Even the most righteous of humans are not exempt from the troubles of life. Scripture affirms it in Psalm 34:19 -- "The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all.” Jesus Himself asserted that: "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33). When we find ourselves in troubled times, we must take solace in the fact that God has promised to see us through those afflictions. The truth is: The strength of our faith is tested through the adversities of life! Our character is deepened and we are made wiser through the challenges we encounter!

Second: Our days on earth are like fleeting shadows. We draw closer to the grave every day! We are mortal and frail! Unlike a tree that can come back to life when it is cut down, humans have no such chance. Death marks the end of our days on earth. There is no second chance after death. This means it is expedient that we make the most of our days on earth. Each day is valuable and can not be wasted.
We must distinguish between the important and unimportant; the necessary and the frivolous. We must invest our energies and time into bettering the lives of our fellow humans and making our own lives meaningful and worthwhile. We must live with purpose.

So question: Have you truly come to terms with the brevity and frailty of life? Are you numbering your days and making the most of this wonderful gift called life? Let today be a point of renewal to make the most of what is left of your life!

Prayer: Father, like the Psalmist prayed, "teach me to number my days." Please help me to make the most of this precious gift of life. Help me not to waste it but to invest it with meaningful returns for your glory. Amen.