There Is No Room For Boasting

After the LORD your God has driven them out before you, do not say to yourself, "The LORD has brought me here to take possession of this land because of my  righteousness."  No, it is on account of the wickedness of these nations that the LORD is going to drive them out before you. It is not because of your righteousness or your integrity . . . but on account of the wickedness of these nations.  
. . . Understand, then, that it is not because of your righteousness that the LORD your God is giving you this good land to possess, for you are a stiff-necked people.  
 . . . From the day you left Egypt until you arrived here, you have been rebellious against the LORD.  Deuteronomy 9:4-7.

God was about to fulfill His covenant promise and bless His children. But He also reminded them not to boast when they came into possession of those blessings. He reminded them that He was dispossessing the wicked of their wealth and transferring it to His children. That transfer was not on account of the righteousness of the Israelites but because of His grace.
God had been gracious in spite of the rebellion of the Israelites.

Let's face it: Humans are quick to take credit and boast. We specialize in making it all about us! We hardly take the blame when things go wrong. In fact, we make excuses to exonerate ourselves when there is failure -- even when it is our fault!  But we are quick to pound our chests with pride when there is success. God knows us too well -- He is our Creator! He knows our thoughts even before they are formed. He knows we can be proud and boastful.

I believe there is a sobering lesson behind the caution not to boast. Behind our inkling to boast and take credit for ourselves is an innate desire for self-worship and self-glorification. This is unpleasant to hear, but the truth is we would rather take the glory than give it even to God!
So, God said to the Israelites, "The glory belongs to Me! Be careful not to touch it! Don't claim anything for yourself! Your righteousness and integrity had nothing to do with the blessings."  

All we are and everything we possess comes from the Hand of God. It is purely the result of God's grace. Even our salvation is by grace! Let's humble ourselves and give God all the glory. There is absolutely no room to boast about anything! God is the source of all our blessings!

Prayer: Lord, you deserve all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise. All that I am and ever hope to be is purely the result of your grace. Thank you for your grace. Amen.