There Is A Reason For My Dance
on February 16th, 2019
Now King David was told, “The LORD has blessed the household of Obed-Edom and everything he has, because of the ark of God.” So David went to bring up the ark of God from the house of Obed-Edom to the City of David with rejoicing.  . . . Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the LORD with all his might, while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the LORD with shouts and the soun...  Read More
Don’t Do The Right Thing The Wrong Way
on February 15th, 2019
David again brought together all the able young men of Israel -- thirty thousand. He and all his men went to Baalah in Judah to bring up from there the ark of God, which is called by the Name, the name of the LORD Almighty, who is enthroned between the cherubim on the ark.They set the ark of God on a new cart and brought it from the house of Abinadab, which was on the hill. Uzzah and Ahio, sons of...  Read More
God Will Break Out Against Your Enemies
on February 14th, 2019
When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king over Israel, they went up in full force to search for him, but David heard about it and went down to the stronghold. Now the Philistines had come and spread out in the Valley of Rephaim; so David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I go and attack the Philistines? Will you deliver them into my hands?”The LORD answered him, “Go for I will surely...  Read More
It Might Take A While But It Will Come To Pass
on February 13th, 2019
All the tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron and said, “We are your own flesh and blood. In the past, when Saul was king over us, you were the one who led Israel on their military campaigns. And the LORD said to you, ‘You will shepherd my people Israel, and you will become their ruler.”When all the elders of Israel had come to King David at Hebron, the king made a covenant with them at Hebron ...  Read More
A Godly Response To The Death of An Enemy
on February 12th, 2019
After the death of Saul, David returned from striking down the Amalekites…On the third day, a man arrived from Saul’s camp with his clothes torn and dust on his head… “Where have you come from?” David asked him, “I have escaped from the Israelite camp.” “What happened,” David asked... “The men fled from the battle,” he replied. “Many of them fell and died. And Saul and his son Jonathan are dead.”T...  Read More
The End Of A Godless Life
on February 11th, 2019
Now the Philistines fought against Israel; the Israelites fell before them and many fell dead on Mount Gilboa. The Philistines were in hot pursuit of Saul and his sons, and they killed his sons Jonathan, Abinadab, and Malkishua. The fighting grew fierce around Saul and when the archers overtook him, they wounded him critically.Saul said to his armor-bearer, “Draw your sword and run me through or t...  Read More
Don’t Listen To Evil Men And Troublemakers
on February 10th, 2019
David recovered everything the Amalekites had taken...David brought everything back…Then David came to the two hundred men who had been too exhausted to follow him and who were left behind at the Besor valley...As David and his men approached, he asked them how they were. But all the evil men and troublemakers among David’s followers said, “Because they did not go out with us, we will not share wi...  Read More
You Will Overcome And Recover All
on February 9th, 2019
Now it happened, when David and his men came to Ziklag, on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded the south and Ziklag, attacked Ziklag and burned it with fire, and had taken captive the women and those who were there, from small to great; they did not kill anyone, but carried them away and went their way.So David and his men came to the city, and there it was, burned with fire; and their ...  Read More
Let God Avenge You
on February 8th, 2019
Then David went out of the cave and called out to Saul, “My lord the king!” When Saul looked behind him, David bowed down and prostrated himself with his face to the ground. He said to Saul…”This day you have seen with your own eyes how the LORD delivered you into my hands in the cave. Some urged me to kill you, but I spared you; I said ‘I will not lay my hand on my lord, because he is the LORD’s ...  Read More
Take Time To Pray For Our Leaders
on February 7th, 2019
Now Saul heard that David and his men had been discovered…Then the king sent for the priest Ahimelek son of Ahitub and all the men of his family, who were the priests at Nob, and they all came to the king.Saul said, “Listen now, son of Ahitub,” “Yes my lord,” he answered.” Saul said to him, “Why have you conspired against me, you and the son of Jesse, giving him bread and a sword and inquiring of ...  Read More
Life In the Valley
on February 6th, 2019
That day David fled from Saul and went to Achish king of Gath. But the servants of Achish said to him, “Isn’t this David, the king of the land? Isn’t he the one they sing about in their dances: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands?” David took these words to heart and was very much afraid of Achish King of Gath. So he pretended to be insane in their presence; and while he...  Read More
May Your Adversaries Join You In Worship
on February 5th, 2019
Saul sent men to David’s house to watch it and kill him in the morning. But Michal, David’s wife, warned him, “If you don’t run for your life tonight, tomorrow you will be killed.”...When David had fled and made his escape, he went to Samuel at Ramah and told him all that Saul had done to him. Then he and Samuel went to Naioth and stayed there. Word came to Saul, “David is at Ramah.” So he sent me...  Read More