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As women of God, we will seek ways to minister and encourage complete holiness through gatherings designed especially for women between the ages of 18 to 100+. The women of RCC will be established and encouraged spiritually, physically and mentally through planned conferences, retreats, monthly meetings, etc. promoting healthy and spiritual development. The ladies of RCC will be afforded opportunities to use their God-given gifts and talents.

Vision: Equipping Women To Be Authentic Disciples of Jesus Christ.




To build, train, nurture encourage and strengthen the women of RCC in their worship of God by:

  • Standing Firm on Biblical Truth
  • Growing in Christ
  • Unleashing the Power of Prayer
  • Building Relationships
  • Impacting the World with the Gospel

Goals and Objectives: This ministry seeks for:

  1. Provide opportunities to study God’s word and stand firm on biblical truth
  2. Develop and encourage ladies to discover and use their God given gifts of time, treasure and talents
  3. Help ladies understand the power of prayer and be encouraged in their personal prayer lives and to become prayer warriors for their families and the church
  4. Encourage the building of relationships by providing times of fellowship, fostering an inclusive environment that values individual uniqueness and treat each other with respect and trust
  5. Increase in attendance in ladies activities; reward efforts and initiatives
  6. Put our faith into action by helping to meet the needs of Women
  7. Providing opportunities for women to glorify God through service.
  8. Facilitate the principle of Mentorship.
  9. Feel uplifted and encouraged as a result of Women’s Ministry activities
  10. More ministry involvement and impact in our community

Leadership Team:

Ministry Coordinator:   Sis. Patience Iwuede (240) 210-6454

Assistant Coordinator:   Sis. Gerry Ambahe (310) 219-8438

Financial/Treasurer:       Sis. Stella Abankwa (202) 714-7046

Hospitality/ Special Event: Sis. Sheree Turnage/ Irene Ndukwe (240) 559-8666/(202) 251-7453